Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment and Why You Should Avoid Surgery as Much as Possible

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Despite Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment being the recommended way to treat this medical condition, one of the most common ways in which a thrombosed external hemorrhoid is treated is through surgery. This is a highly invasive method in which an incision is made and the external thrombosed piles are removed entirely. Usually, the incision is small, and through that the doctors expertly manage to remove the entire hemorrhoid.

If it already sounds painful, you should know that it is. But, to give you some respite, this pain is nothing compared to the hemorrhoid pain that you are bearing.

It is not that they don’t use anesthesia. They do, but since the anesthesia is local, you aren’t going to be blissfully asleep when all of this treatment is being performed on you. You will be quite wide awake and that might be a very discomforting feeling.

In many cases, when the cut is made, the wound that opens up needs to be closed with the help of stitches. That is based on the doctor’s discretion, a decision that is taken judging the size of the hemorrhoid that is formed. The stitches aren’t compulsory though—most external thrombosed hemorrhoid treatments are done without needing them.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Vs. Surgery

In comparison to natural hemorrhoid treatment, which is totally painless, There is also the painful recovery process that follows the surgery.

Since the stitches are placed on the anal area, an area that is meant to be exerted on a daily basis when defecating, it can become very difficult during recuperating. In some cases, infections can occur as well, which would need further treatment.

Laser surgery for thrombosed external haemorrhoid is being considered as an option as well. People are going for this procedure a lot nowadays because it isn’t so very painful or invasive. Recovery is fast and not so painful either. But, as in most laser treatments that are prevalent today, the cost is a major setback. Not everyone can afford this new method of hemorrhoids treatment.

In any case, external thrombosed hemorrhoids are quite painful and it is no wonder that most people try to eliminate them as soon as they can and consider surgery. But, surgery should be considered as a last option here. There are many ways in which one can seek piles treatment- and one of them being natural hemorrhoid treatment.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Of course in my opinion, home remedies for thrombosed hemorrhoids are the best way to go as they can be done from the comfort of your home. Not only do they allow you to use natural herbs to treat your external thrombosed piles, but it doesn’t cost you much and is literally painless too!

Thus if you’re looking for a way to treat your thrombosed external haemorrhoid using natural hemorrhoid treatment, do try out home remedies for thrombosed hemorrhoids before attempting any form of surgery. They are by far the best form ofnatural hemorrhoid treatment

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