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Aug 24, 2017 |

When it comes to pain relief, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. We can make you all the promises in the world in our review, but the more we tried it, and the more we read, the more we saw that the customer reactions were where your proof was. The customer reaction was so strong, we couldn’t believe these were real stories, until some of our staff tried it in their trouble spots. A bad knee, lower back pain, and even migraines among our staff members disappeared.

Choosing a CBD hemp oil product can be tough, there are lots of tricks to picking out just the right thing to get the most bang for your buck.  Make sure you pay attention when choosing a CBD or Hemp oil product.

So here’s the skinny on Irie Hemp Pain Balm, a CBD (hemp extract) balm with Caladrin. It relieves pain and promotes joint health, meaning it’s not just a bandaid for your pain.

Celadrin is a complex blend of esterified fatty acids that works similar to, but much more dramatically than the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA from fish oils. It is immediately absorbed by the skin and leaves no trace on skin or clothing.

Customer testimonials –

The results were amazing. It has a strong smell, but no greasy texture. It calmed my pain and relieved muscle spasms in my back. It worked faster than pain pills, and with no druggy after-effects. The test was using it at night, and it worked all the way through the night to combat my fibromyalgia with no side effects.

The jar came a little fast than expected, and I opened it right away. I have elbow and joint pain from a life well lived, and in no time it helped my joint swelling and pain. I haven’t taken a pain killer in two weeks, and I wish I’d had this years ago.

As a patient with neuropathy in my feet, I get stinging pains and odd sensations that are sometimes crippling. It removed those sensations completely!

I had my knee replaced, and after the surgery, I used the balm. The doctor was shocked that I went through only half as many pain pills as normal, and my physical therapist was happy with how much movement I had during my visits.

My wife has arthritis in her ankles and pain in her back. We’re in our 60s and this has changed our lives. We’re back to dancing again, and we go for a walk everyday. We just put a little of this balm on her ankles and back and my knees and hips every evening.

After I had my c-section, I wanted to breast feed, but that meant no pain killers. The incision itself wasn’t the painful part, but the muscle damage that happens during that procedure causes massive pain. This balm was a shot in the dark toward getting some relief and I love it. It doesn’t effect my milk production and my husband uses it for his bad knee too. I’m halfway through healing and ordering another jar because I shared it with my husband. It’s affordable, it works, and most important to me, it lets me bond with my baby during feedings instead of having to spend a fortune on formula.

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