The dangers of mold and mildew in your home.

Aug 24, 2015 |

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When you are a little kid, your parents warn you of the many dangers that the world has to offer. They tell you about the “boogie” man and warn you to hold someone’s hand while crossing the road. They teach you to stay close in a big crowd and always to look for law enforcement if you get lost. They teach you that some animals are fun to play with, while others are dangers. They teach you that it is not okay to touch a stray animal without an adult or to leave with a stranger.

So why is that I didn’t learn about the dangers of having mold and mildew in my home until I was out on my own? It wasn’t until I was in my first rent house, working at the local Wal-Mart while going to college, that ever even seen mold.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had learned about mold and mildew in science class in high school, but that did not prepare me for the disaster that I would soon encounter. Just six short months of living in my very nice rent house, just blocks from my college, I noticed mold growing in the bathroom.

At first, I didn’t think much of it, after all, it was only in the bathroom. I thought I had dealt with the problem by spraying some all-purpose cleaner and wiping it away. That was until it showed back up in my shower just days later.

Then, I noticed some of that same mold, underneath the window air conditioner unit in my bedroom. By this time, I was an expert at wiping the mold or mildew up and going on about my day. After about two weeks, I started getting a really bad cold. I thought it was just a winter cold. After all, it was late November by this time. Anyone that lives in Louisiana knows that winter don’t start to kick in until the end of November.

Since the weather was starting to get cold, and most of my friends had a sore throat and cough, I didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until I had been since for almost two weeks, that I started to worry.

After a long talk with some friends, they convinced me to see my doctor. While talking to my doctor and informing her of my symptoms, she asked me a question I didn’t expect. “Have you noticed any mold or mildew in your home? Or are you staying somewhere that had a lot of mildew or mold?”

My first thought was to say “no” and look at her funny, and then I remembered my shower, and the wall in my bedroom. When my doctor realized that I had been exposed to mold, she quickly began running all sorts of test. It was then that I learned the dangers of mold and mildew. It was also then that I realized I was not cleaning or killing the mold the proper way. (If you would like to learn more about how to test for mold the correct way, click here.)

Here is what I learned about mold and mildew.

First, mildew is a type of mold. There are a few different types of mold that are considered to be mildew. Although there are called by different names, they are still relatively dangerous to the human body.
Second, mold and mildew are most commonly found in basements and showers. So it is important to keep a close eye on these areas of your home. Although these are the most common areas for mold growth, you should keep a close eye on all moist areas in your home. As all of them are potential breeding ground for mold. This includes walls under window air conditioner units that leak water, and remember, most mold starts with water damage.

Third, mold and mildew can cause a variety of different allergic reactions. All of these things are dangerous to your health.

Watery eyes,
irritated throat
red eyes
runny nose

Mold can also cause respiratory problems and result in someone having asthma problems later in life. This is especially true for infants under a year old. Neurological problems, asthma attacks, digestive tract infections, lung and skin infections, fungal infections and even death are just a few dangers that come from being exposed to mold and mildew.

Now, if you are one of the lucky few that escape mold with only a sore throat and watery eyes, you should make sure that your home is properly cleaned. You should be certain the mold is gone before you re-enter your home. This means that you need to call someone like Damage Control 911, so they can inspect the house and test it for mildew.

After all, you don’t want to get better just to expose yourself to all the dangers of mold and mildew again. Once you are lucky enough to get away with little health problems, you should make sure that you are no longer exposed to those dangers.

Mold and mildew in your home are not only dangers to your health but to your home as well. Mold in your home can grow. It can grow within the walls and under the carpet. After a time, making it very difficult to contain. Once the fungus has gotten out of control, you whole home becomes a danger zone and is no longer considered livable.

Mold will not only destroy your immune system but your home as well. And in the long run, end up costing you a fortune to fix the home or to move and start over.

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