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Over the past few years vaporizers have rally come into their own as a popular product. They started out as a product that many people thought would simply become nothing more than a passing fad. They spent years being considered little more than a niche product. However, hindsight is always 20/20 and the fact of the matter is that vaporizers have cemented their place as a product that has changed things up. One of the most popular vaporizers that has hit the market is the Firefly portable vaporizer. The Firefly vaporizer was one of the first portable vaporizers that was actually usable on any real level. It now has a follow-up, the Firefly 2. Here is how it stacks up against the classic original.

Incredible Legacy

It needs to be said first and foremost that the original Firefly is considered one of the best vaporizers ever made, even when compared against desktop vaporizers. It was a truly game changing portable vaporizer that provided some real power to the users who adopted it. The level of power that it brought forth for a portable vaporizer was truly remarkable. The Firefly proved that portable vaporizers were a viable alternative to desktop vaporizers. The Firefly 2 has a lot to live up to. To learn more about the Firefly 2 you can check out Vapor Domain.

Bold New Body

It needs to be said that as amazing as the original Firefly vaporizer was, it’s body was just a little bit chunky. While it is true that in this day and age we are spoiled with high performance pen style vaporizers, the Firefly was always fairly hefty and fairly large. It did not always fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, which created some problems from time to time. This is not conducive to portable use and it actually makes carrying it around much more difficult on the user than it should have been.

The Firefly 2 manages to take the sleek and stylish look of the original and slim it down significantly so that it fits better inside the pocket. The Firefly 2 actually features a body that is only two-thirds of the original size. This means that you can more easily carry the Firefly 2 around in your pocket. Making things even better is the fact that the Firefly 2 is less than half of the weight of the original. This may seem like a small detail for some people, but the fact that it is half the weight and less bulky while maintaining all of the power of the original is truly remarkable.

Easy Maintenance

If there is one problem that plagues many portable vaporizers, especially the smaller pen style vaporizers, it would be that the constant maintenance can be tedious and annoying. This is because the individual components that make up the portable vaporizers are small and in some cases fragile. This can make cleaning the vaporizer tricky because there is always the potential that you could break the vaporizer while trying to clean it. This is not a problem that faces the Firefly 2.

The Firefly 2 has a relatively simple construction that makes it incredibly easy to clean. It features no screen, which truly simplifies things. All you need to have in order to clean it is a clean cleaning cloth and some isopropyl alcohol. You then needs to simply wipe everything down. This is a process that, over all, takes less than a minute. That means you can clean up your vaporizer and get right back to using it in no time. Making things even better is the fact that you have to clean it less frequently. Most portable vaporizers need a cleaning after every couple of uses. The Firefly 2 only needs to be cleaned every five or six uses.

The Firefly 2 is a fantastic portable vaporizer that more than lives up to the reputation of the original. It is lighter while retaining all of the power of the original. It is incredibly easy to clean. It is, plain and simple, one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. If you are curious about vaporizers and wonder which one should be your first portable then you should definitely be considering the Firefly 2.

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