Where can I find Mulberry silk comforters?

Feb 3, 2017 |
LILYSILK All Season Silk Comforter

This is the LILYSILK all season silk comforter in white. This is one of the finest, most comfortable comforters in the world today.

Finding mulberry silk comforters is not something that you hear about people doing often. To be completely honest, I didn’t even know about mulberry silk or even what it was until a few weeks ago when I slept over at a friends house.

With all of the confusion of Egyptian cotton, I’ve been a fan of Pima cotton for years. I feel like it’s  almost, if not equal to  ELS Egyptian cotton, like the coveted Giza 45 that is oh so expensive. Pima cotton is much more affordable than Egyptian cotton, without sacrificing quality in my opinion.

But after last night, I am adding something new to my favorites in bedding.

She had mulberry silk bed sheets and I became curious about mulberry silk comforters. I wanted to know if they had any, so I got online to take a look around.

To my surprise there were a large amount of Mulberry silk comforters available. You just had to know where to look. I found a lot of great mulberry silk comforters when I was looking online at a place called Lavender’s Luxuries.

It is a small online site that has a large variety of different colors, styles, and designs of mulberry silk comforters that are rated by them in a list format.

Many sites even offer a lot of other mulberry silk bedding options. For example, they have mulberry silk bed sheets and mulberry silk pillow cases as well.

I ended up purchasing my mulberry silk comforter and I must say, it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. And I have made some pretty great choices in my life so far when it comes to bedding.

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