5 common signs of water damage

Mar 8, 2016 |

The thing about water damage is that most of us notice it when the problem is too far gone. When that happens, it is always difficult to effect any kind of remedy. This kind of problem is rather tricky because it does not take too much water for damage to start taking effect. It therefore helps for you to know what is going on at the earliest possible time in order to put the right measures in place.

Here are the 5 most common signs of water damage

1. Stains on flooring and kitchen appliances

When water starts dripping from a source at the home, a small pool is formed around the area involved. Over time, the material affected becomes discolored and the signs start to show very clearly. Stains are usually found at the bottom of sinks, on the floor, at the edge of toilet seats or even beneath refrigerators. They are especially noticeable on wooden floors, and this is because wood begins to rot after a substantial amount of water has started to leak through. Continued leakage has been known to destroy flooring and compromise the integrity of structures in general.

2. Standing water(found mostly on floors)

Standing water usually occurs as a result of continued leakages, broken faucets, pipes and rusty sinks. If you find yourself having a pool of water in any of your areas of residence ,then the chances are the problem is about to get out of hand and needs to be plugged. Leaving the situation as is could be a terrible error of judgment and a source of disaster, putting human life and property on the line.

3. Mold and mildew on the walls

When moisture is allowed into an otherwise dry place, chances are that these two will grow. It takes time to notice them, but most of the times, their presence is unmistakable to the trained eye. You can also conclude that you have mold growing if a room has a musty odor that does not seem to go away . Some homeowners suspect the presence of mold and mildew on walls when people all around the household start developing allergies or flu.

4. Rust on boxes and metal appliances

For an object to start rusting, contact with moisture and oxygen has to take place over a sustained period on time. When rust is first formed, it is hard to make out but when a substantial part of an appliances becomes blotchy and brown, then you have a major problem on your hands. You will still need to keep in mind that the absence of rust does not indicate that your home is not under the threat of water damage-some items have been built to withstand rusting but can still fall victim.

5. Peeling paint in the basement

When paint comes in constant contact with moisture, it starts to discolor slowly over time and may even peel off at the end. You cannot simply paint over the affected area and hope that the problem will go away.

Water damage is a serious threat to homes and commercial structures around the world. However, if the signs are detected early, then remediation is always easy. If you see any of the above signs in your home or business, it’s best to call a professionalĀ mold remediation contractor as well as a water damage contractor.

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